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Increasing rates obesity diabetes recent times

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Around the world today, people are suffering from more diet-related diseases than ever before in recent history.And our eating habits have drastically changed over the years. Consumption of processed , refined ,high carb, food prepared with refined flour,refined oils,refined sugar also to include baked products and flavoured drinks etc pose high risk to our health.

These foods coupled with sedentary lifestyle have been implicated as the major contributor to our modern epidemics of disease.

As per the National Family Health Survey of 2021, Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for 65 percent of all deaths in India. The major metabolic risk factors for NCDs are obesity, raised blood pressure, raised blood glucose, and raised total cholesterol levels in the blood.

Compared with National Family Health Survey of 2016, the prevalence of overweight or obesity has increased in most States/UTs in NFHS-5. At the national level, it increased from 21% to 24% among women and 19% to 23% among men.

Although the obesity or overweight has been a problem of the developed countries but the epidemic has also started to pose challenges on the developing countries as well. But studies and scholars have explained this surging rise due to the transitional phase of nutrition in developing countries that is the shift from traditional Indian diets to adapting Western diets, which includes a combination of sedentary lifestyle, fast food consumption, increased stress, polluted environment and urbanisation.

We are living in a food environments that fails to support our health.Taking back the control over our food preparation is essential to our long term well-being. By examining our eating behaviors and learning the skills we need to reclaim responsibility for what's in our food, we can celebrate the foods that will protect us and bring us pleasure for the rest of our lives.

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