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Excellent Natural remedy for Cold, Cough, Headache, Indigestion -Sukku malli coffee

Sukku Malli Coffee or Sukku Tea as its called is the one of the best home remedies used commonly in Tamil households. It aids in digestion, helps reduce cough and headache. Sukku is nothing but dry ginger. Dry ginger is supposed to have a lot of medicinal properties.

Sukku Coffee – There is no coffee in it and I do not know why people called it coffee when it actually is a form of tea. My wild guess is since in those days, coffee was made by boiling hot water and then adding coffee powder & sweetener. Simmer it for a few mins and strain ! Preparation of sukku coffee is almost similar. Instead of coffee powder here we use spice powder, so to differentiate this from actual coffee, it might be called "Sukku Coffee".


How to make Sukku Malli Herbal Powder:

Break the sukku(dry ginger) to soften it by using hand mortar and pestle.

Dry roast the Dry ginger pieces, coriander seeds, pepper, cardamom pods,cinnamon,jeera,cloves in a pan till slightly brown. Do not get it burnt.

After the ingredients cool down, grind them into a fine powder.That's it. Home made sukku malli coffee powder is ready. store as it is in the air tight container .

How to make Sukku Malli Coffee

Bring 1& 1/2 cup of water into boil & add the 1 tsp of sukku malli powder and allow to reduce the water into 1 cup

Then crush the palm jaggery (depends on how much sweet you want) and put it in the water , once the palm jaggery melt , switch off the flame and strain the coffee using metal filter.

Aromatic, appetizing and refreshing, flavorful Sukku Coffee is ready.

The whole house will be smelling divine when you make this and your family will be lured to kitchen to see what’s in the making.

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Here is the our Youtube video on Sukkumalli coffee powder.

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